What is KOBOSHI?

KOBOSHI is a music blog written by the exceedingly handsome Chriss. Specialising in Visual music, come here to find articles on new bands, old artists, music industry rants and mix tapes. Also hair styling tips and fashion, because Visual means visual.

What is Visual music?

Visual music or Visual Kei (often abbreviated to VK) is a genre of music which comes from Japan. It supports it's own industry both in Japan and worldwide. The most consistent charateristic is the visual of the musicians, who are all exclusively hair sensationalists. Rising some time in the 80s, VK has influenced music, fashion and youth culture for more than twenty years. As it is a very broad genre which has thrived for such a long time, it has naturally had many reincarnations and alterations.

Who is Chriss?

Chriss is a rude Scottish person who lives in London and Tokyo. A graduate of London University SOAS's forbiddable Japanese department, she insists on having heaps of oppinions on Japanese culture and posting them on the internet. Chriss has lots of experience (too much?) with the European Visual music market and loves it dearly.

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